Show Mum Some Love This Mother’s Day

With Mother's Day fast approaching, you might be starting to wonder, what's the perfect gift for mum this year?

With so many options available, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by choice, and panic buy. Our advice would be, take a moment to pause, and think about what gift mum would really like this Mother's Day.

To make life a little easier, we have come up with our favorite Mother's Day gift ideas for you at Kalaful. So have a cup of tea, put your feet up and find the one that suits mum best.

1. Daisy Photo Frame


Shop A Daisy Flower Photo Frame

Is your mum the sentimental type? Does she wish she could see you more often? Why not find a great picture of you and her together and put it in this stunning daisy photo frame. A white photo frame will suit any interior décor scheme, and mum will get to see you every day! What a treat!

2. Bird Notebook

Shop Bird A6 Note Book

If your mum likes to write or keep a journal, then she'll love this beautiful bird notebook. Our notebook comes with an elastic band to keep pages secure and a ribbon bookmark to pick up where she left off.

3. Mum's Glasses Case


Shop Mum Glasses Case

Does your mum always lose her glasses? Maybe she walks around with them on her head asking you if you've seen them? Then one of these fab cases could be the perfect gift to keep her glasses safe. Both mum glasses cases come with a cute phrase printed on the outside cover.

Shop Amazing Mum Glasses Case

4. Make-up Bag

Shop Black & White Make Up Bag


If your mum is more glam than sham, then a make-up bag could be the perfect gift for her. Our mum make-up bags come in an elegant black and white, and botanical 'Blooming Lovely Mum' design. Which one will you treat her to?

Shop Blooming Lovely Mum Makeup Bag

5. Clock

Shop Floral Bird & Butterflies Wall Clock

Perhaps your mum's walls are looking a little sparse these days or could just do with some color? Maybe she's forever asking what time it is? If so, why not consider buying her this beautiful bird and floral clock. A great gift to suit any room in the house. It also matches our bird notebook if you fancy treating mum to more than one gift this year!

6. Mum Mugs

Who doesn't love a cup of tea, especially mothers, right? Help your mum relax, make her a cup of tea in one of these great mum mugs for Mother's Day. Choose one from our three classy styles available.

Shop Mum Mug

Shop Mum Love You Mug

Shop Mum Love you More Mug

7. Scented Candles

Shop Chic Tube Candles

Maybe your mum finds it hard to relax because she's so busy looking after everyone else? Well now you can repay the favour. Why not run a hot bath and light some of these scented candles to help her feel really pampered. Our chic wax scented candle range comes in a stylish glass tube design which she's sure to love. Choose from Sweetpea and Freesia' or Jasmine Rose' scent.

Whatever type of mum you have, we are sure to have the perfect Mother's Day gift for her. With so many inspirational ideas, you might have to choose more than one!

Not able to be with mum this Mother's Day? Let mum know you love her; say it best with a heartfelt gift and send something via our home delivery service. Express service is available for last-minute orders.

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