Ideas For Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas season is truly the season for all of us at Kalaful to be jolly. We really love Christmas and like many others, we think that this is the perfect reason to brighten up your home and make it more colourful and inviting. Of course, there are many ways in which you can do so. But, we would like to take this opportunity to give you a few tips on how you can switch up your holiday decor.

It is not a Christmas celebration without a Christmas Tree. A perfect place to start is with your Christmas tree that will brighten your home and impress your guests.

It is important to ensure you choose a tree that fits well in your home whether an artificial tree or a real good quality Christmas tree. Once you have positioned the tree in the space like you are happy with, perfectly arrange the branches to make sure they are well organised and without leaving any gaps.  Add the lights by wrapping them around the branches to achieve the ultimate luxurious Christmas tree.

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Stars String LED Light - Kshs 2000

Selecting the Christmas color theme depends on how to cast the decor. Colors like silver, gold, white, can make a combination for a classic style. If you want a  traditional style you might want a combination of red, green, and gold. Whatever festive colors you select make sure you evenly layer each shade of color around the tree branches. At Kalaful décor we love our purple baubles and glass star baubles.


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  Purple Baubles - Kshs   2500                                        Glass Star Baubles -Kshs 2000

After you can add some finishing touches with a topper such as our Christmas light-up star to add a statement to your tree.

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Christmas Light Up Star - Kshs 2000 

Finally, when it comes to decorating your home ready for the festive season remember our Christmas wreaths will provide the perfect festive cheer to any room or hang on the front door for a warm welcome to your guest.

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LED Love Heart Wreath- Kshs 4500                Berry & Twig Round Wreath- Kshs 3500

Since Christmas is a lovely session to give your family and friends gifts. It's a great idea to include some presents underneath the tree.   At Kalaful, we have a selection of ideal presents. You can gift your loved ones with a classic wine bottle holder or the merry bottle bag and much more and we will gift wrap it for you.

Merry Bottle Bag - Kshs 950                                      Wine Bottle Holder- Ksh 3300

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